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Partnering with Home Inspection Quotes contributes to make your expertise and professionalism accessible to web users planning to buy or sell their house, commercial building, apartment block, etc. Our network’s members are recognized by reputable associations and dedicated their clients’ satisfaction.

With Home Inspection Quotes,

  • you receive quotation requests from potential clients in your area
  • choose when you receive them, and how many
  • your marketing budget is respected and optimized


Receive our quotation demands

Our comparison tool for customers can generate a lot of requests for your services in your area. This increasing demand brings online solicitations, calls and eventually contracts for our partners. Our network is expanding, we need home inspectors in all of the province.

At this time, Home Inspection Quotes has nearly 50 home inspection companies in his ranks.

So far, we succeeded to rank many pages on Google for keywords related to many home inspection services in most of Quebec areas. Obtaining such visibility on Google requires a lot of investments… but you could benefit from it by registering as a partner today.



Our users include residential and commercial buyers and sellers

Your expertise as a home inspector allows people to negotiate efficiently when buying or selling a property. Your services are also required for them to benefit from the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings.

So your expertise saves them a lot of money and avoids them legal issues. Home Inspection Quotes invest in making these realities better known by home buyers and sellers.

As one of our partners, your company and services will get more visibility:

  • external building inspection (roof, coatings, windows, etc.)
  • structural components audit (foundations, walls…)
  • piping inspection (water intakes, taps, water evacuation)
  • heating system (thermal units, air circulation…)
  • electrical systems (fuse panel, electrical circuits, sockets, etc.)
  • interior inspection of a building
  • security analysis (doors, locks, alarm system…)
  • etc.

Select new customers according to the expertise they need :

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-sale inspection
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Condo inspection


A profitable web marketing strategy for you !

Our company specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing. Through multiple strategies and channels, including Google AdWords, we make our partners become popular on search engines!

And since we don’t put all our eggs in one basket, our home inspection partners benefit from a complete and advantageous web marketing strategy. With Home Inspection Quotes, you benefit from all of our expertise and investments, which most inspection companies couldn’t afford individually.

  • Google Adwords is a powerful too, but complex to operate efficiently. You have to know how to target the right keywords. And a website must be optimized properly in order to convert visitors into customers. Additional expertise and programming is therefore required, which results in higher costs.
  • Our website also achieves phenomenal conversion rates (visitors / customers) because of its nature. Remember, our service is free, fast and easy to use for them.
  • And because the web marketing costs are shared between the partners, ultimately the conversions are normally cheaper.

Home Inspection Quotes is your ideal strategy to grow your company. Not only our potential customers for you are relevant, they come at the pace you choose. Costs are fixed and determined according to your budget. You are in control.


We are looking for new partners

We are currently looking for home inspection partners in several regions. If you want to get a constant flow of quotation request at good price, Home Inspection Quotes is your solution. Nearly 50 home inspection companies are already partnering with us. Our network is expanding throughout the province.


How does our comparison tool work ?

It begins when web users search for home inspectors on Google or other search engines. Since our website has visibility online, they find us. All they got to do is to fill our short quotation demand form.

Then, once our team receives a request, we transfer it to the corresponding home inspection companies in the potential customer’s area. These partners receive all the info from the user, including his email and phone number. Thus, they usually contact the user in the minutes or hours following his request for quotations.

Home Inspection Quotes sells the quotation requests at a very good price, varying from 10 to 14$ (depending on the quantity you buy, your criteria and area).

The more quotation requests you want, the lower the unit cost will be.

Various custom criteria for the requests you buy are also possible: quantity per day, preferred dates, type of services, etc. The more criteria you have, higher is the unit cost (per request).


Get a better return on your marketing investments

To develop markets and increase their customer base, many companies spend large sums of money, often without a proportionate increase in sales.

As web marketing experts, through the years we have acquired a strong expertise to reach your clientele.

We put our expertise to your service, so you can reach your potential customers. Now, you have the opportunity to pay for clients on demand. You can now focus on promoting your services to individuals who are looking for a good home inspector.

We prioritize stable partners and companies aiming for long-term results or expecting a steady flow of quotation requests.

If you are interested in becoming one of your reputable partners, contact us quickly because the number of places in each area is limited.

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