Home inspections are usually undertaken by a home buyer. However, it can be highly beneficial to home sellers if they ask for a home inspection before listing a home for sale.

A pre-sale inspection should be requested by a home owner in Quebec or Montreal if:

  • ✓ You plan to list your home for sale
  • ✓ You desire to sell quickly at a good price
  • ✓ You want to avoid a tedious negotiation with a potential buyer
  • ✓ You want to avoid future liabilities with a buyer

There are many benefits a home seller can get from a pre-sale inspection.  Home sellers are not required by law but the cost is insignificant compared to the tremendous benefits you can get.


Reasons You Should Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection as a Seller

As mentioned earlier, home inspections are usually done on behalf of home buyers to determine the true condition of a property. This happens usually just before the closing of a sale.

However, a smart home owner can gain many important benefits from moving up a pre-sale inspection to the start of the selling process.


1. Identify potential issues that could turn-off buyers

The home inspection could reveal problem areas that you didn’t know about.  You real estate agent will recommend how to deal with these issues before listing the property for sale.  This gives you more time and flexibility to do any required repairs.

If a home inspection is done for a buyer before closing, any negative issues can directly affect the sale price and may even derail the home sale.


2. More Peace of Mind and Confidence for the Seller

With good results from a home inspection report, a buyer feels more confident and gains peace of mind. No more worrying about potential defects a home buyer may discover.  You will already be aware of any problems that exist and will have time to address them without the added pressure from a potential buyer.


3. Help a Seller to Set a Fair Price

Pricing a home accurately is very important to ensuring a successful sale.  A home inspection provides you with a better understanding and appreciation of your home’s true condition.  You can even price your home higher if it is found to be in perfect condition.


4. Provide More Assurance to a Potential Buyer

A home inspection report provides more assurance to a potential buyer and may increase interest in buying the property.


5. Speed up the Sale Process

A home inspection report can reduce negotiation time and speed up the sales process. Home inspectors provide a full disclosure report which gives all pertinent information about the home’s history and eliminates lengthy back and forth question and answer from a buyer and seller.

Because you became aware of problems and fixed them before putting up the property for sale, you can market your home as problem free to buyers.


6. Avoid Future Disputes with a Buyer

A home inspection report ensures that sellers have no future disputes with buyers regarding the condition of a property.


7. Smoother Negotiations with Buyers

Because you and your agent are fully aware of the actual condition of the property, there won’t be any surprises during negotiations.  A pre-sale inspection informs your potential buyer in detail the current condition of the home with a disclosure form that explains the entire history of the house.  You will also be able to answer all questions accurately.

It makes a lot of sense for home sellers to obtain a pre-sale inspection to make selling a property faster and easier.


Who pays for a pre-sale inspection and what does it cost?

A pre-sale inspection done by a homeowner prior to listing a property is paid for by the seller.

There could be cases when a home buyer will waive a home inspection report because of a pre-sale inspection. There could also be cases when a buyer will insist on having his own home inspection conducted which will be at his own expense.

A pre-sale inspection that is paid for by a listing agent of a home seller obtains an inspection report that details the home’s condition.  If there are possible obstacles to a sale, a home owner is given ample time to fix these issues before listing the home.

Doing this will save the seller a lot of headaches and avoid waste of time.

Early detection of potential problems and fixing these issues before a sale can help the agent and seller avoid surprises during closing.

A home inspection is critical to a home sales process.  It benefits all parties and gives valuable information both to the seller and the buyer.


How much is a home inspection in Quebec?

The cost of a home inspection will depend on factors such as the size of the home, the type of home, and the year of construction. The average cost is about 400 to 600$.  This price can increase if a home buyer requests optional services such as checking for asbestos or lead.

The home inspection generally includes the following:

  • ✓ A visual inspection according to standards provided by the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors
  • ✓ A written and detailed report, with photos of the property
  • ✓ A summary delivered on site verbally
  • ✓ A summary of renovation costs

On average, the full home inspection report is delivered within 24-48 hours. It is delivered to the person who ordered the inspection (buyer or seller).  In case of a pre-sale inspection, it is delivered to the home owner.


How long are home inspections?

Home inspections can last from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the property.  It is highly recommended that the seller be present during the inspection as a verbal report is provided at the end of the inspection.

A home inspection examines hundreds of components of a property.  He may have questions for the owner regarding the home’s history.


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