Whether you are buying a single-detached home or a condo, it is critical to verify that the contractor has completed everything according to standards.  Nothing destroys the dream of a new home than incomplete work or bad workmanship.

A pre-delivery inspection checks all components of a property based on a list from the Association Provinciale des Constructeurs d’Habitations du Quebec, the Association des Consommateurs pour la Qualite dans la Construction (ACQC) and Maitres Battiseurs.


Why is a Pre-Delivery Home Inspection Critical?

When buying a new home or a condo, a buyer must inspect for flaws and defects before signing his acceptance and moving in.  The buyer only has 3 days to note any defects and add them to works for completion if the buyer has not moved in.

After this period, any defects later identified will be excluded from the warranty.

It is therefore important to hire an experienced and qualified Home Inspector.

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Pre-Inspection for New Condos and Single-Family Homes

You are in heaven and proud that soon, you will be the owner of a brand-new condo. But wait, have you done a pre-delivery home inspection?

Even if you are buying a brand new home, it still needs to be inspected? A condo or single-family home is under a warranty plan.  The buyer and the builder are required to do an inspection of the finished unit and note any defects so that repairs can be completed.

A pre-delivery, also called pre-acceptance inspection, must be done based on an established list of components that need to be checked.  These components change based on whether you are buying a condo or a single-family unit.  It is approved by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and provided by the contractor.

This type of home inspection is vital. Without a buyer’s submission of defects noted within a 3-day period, the unit is deemed to have been seen, checked, and accepted in its present condition.


The Benefits of Professional Home Inspections

For buyers, you are surely excited and overwhelmed when viewing the property that is soon to be yours.  It is difficult to be objective and to look things over with a fine-tooth comb.  But it is important for you to know whether the work was done as agreed upon and the workmanship within acceptable standards.

Because the home may be your most valuable investment, you need to be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

For your own protection, you must take this vital step of a pre-delivery inspection.  The scope of the inspection is truly vast and can only be done by a certified and qualified home inspector.

Should you just take the word of your contractor and accept hundreds of thousands worth of property without doing your own audit?

To make sure that there is no room for regret, get a professional home inspector before accepting and moving in to your new condo.  You will get peace of mind that your home is perfect and that you have made the right investment.


What does a home inspector do?

A home inspector will carefully check for hundreds of elements during a home inspection.

  • Do doors and windows function properly?
  • Was the air exchanger installed correctly?
  • Are exterior cladding and roofing in perfect condition?
  • Are electrical, heating, and plumbing within acceptable standards?
  • Are cupboards in the kitchen properly installed?
  • Is there adequate insulation for the rim joist on the foundation?

Indeed, this is but a small part of a much longer list of elements that will be checked during a pre-delivery inspection.  If there are unsatisfactory elements, they are reported in a form and provided to the contractor.  In case of disputes, they shall be settled by the warranty plan manager.


Include a Pre-Delivery Inspection with the Conditions of Purchase

A smart home buyer would want to have sufficient time to inspect the property under consideration.  It is important that the buyer not be hasty or feel pressured when conducting a home inspection.

In fact, a buyer can make a pre-delivery inspection as a condition of the purchase.  It will certainly help with any negotiation to ensure that the property is for a fair price.

An inspection lets you know the exact condition of the home before you are locked in a purchase agreement and mortgage.  As a buyer, a conditional offer subject to a positive home inspection protects you from making a bad investment.


Why Inspect a Condo Unit Prior to Acceptance?

A qualified home inspector can inspect your potential home before you close the deal. This is a really smart idea even if you are considering buying a condo. Your home inspector can check for important things like plumbing defects or electrical issues so you don’t live to regret your decision later.

A home inspection not only looks at the exterior of a building but also common areas and the interior of your unit.

Before possession date, whether a freehold or a condo, make sure to do a pre-delivery inspection.


Is Home Inspection the same as Pre-Delivery Inspection?

A home inspection must not be waived because a pre-delivery inspection was conducted.  The two are not one and the same.

A pre-delivery inspection only checks for elements that can be physically observed.

A home inspection is much deeper and can discover more potential problems that may have serious repercussions to a home buyer.

It is advisable to conduct a Pre-delivery inspection before acceptance of a unit and a home inspection prior to signing the paperwork.


Brand New Homes Are Not Exempt from Defects

Around 30% of homes sold in Canada every year are brand new.  Buying directly from builders, whether condo or freehold, has become quite popular because consumers like the idea of customizing a home to their individual tastes.  Also, consumers have this impression that a brand-new home is less likely to have problems than a second-hand home.

Well, this may be true but one thing is for sure. Even brand-new homes can have significant defects that can cost new homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs in the first year alone.  The only way to protect yourself from making a huge mistake is to have a pre-delivery inspection prior to accepting a unit or moving in.


Always Inspect Your Home with a Qualified Home Inspector

Don’t fall head over heels with a model unit because it isn’t the exact one you are going to get.  This is particularly true if you opt to have upgrades with your unit to customize the home to what you want or need.

Considering the above, it is the smartest move for any home buyer to hire a home inspector.


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