Now, we will transfer your request to 3 reliable home inspectors in your area. Our team will select property inspection experts fitting your needs. You should receive 3 quotes, so you don’t have to keep on searching for experts. We take care of it for you, just relax!

To remain Home Inspection Quotes’ partners, home inspectors must deliver outstanding services:

  • 7000 request in 2016: you can trust us
  • To keep track of the best companies and their services, we use satisfaction surveys
  • 70 home inspection partners throughout the province of Quebec.
  • Amazing user satisfaction rate

Avoid unpleasant surprises when buying ou selling a property with a professional inspection.

When will you receive your quotes?

Home inspectors will contact you by phone or email within 48 hours to submit their offers and, maybe, give you advices. Requests sent on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday morning by our team.

How many quotes will you receive?

Depending on the dates mentioned and on your area, you might receive less than 3 quotes. Although we have many partners, they may be unavailable for the chosen date or area.

When should you choose your home inspection expert?

If you didn’t receive your 3 quotes within 24 hours and are in a hurry, we advise you to choose a home inspector among those who contacted you. Since all of our partners are professional and competitive, you can even confidently choose the first one to contact you, if you are in a big hurry!